Developer & Node operator resources

The idea of this section is to help provide you with a great first step into the world of developing smart contracts and applications for WAX. There are a lot of resources available on a lot of different places, I hope you can utilize this as a good first step to learn more.

The Basics

Smart Contract Language: C++
WAX Github repo:
WAX APT repo:
Command Line Tool: CLEOS | KEOSD - Comes with installing WAX from source or apt
Anchor Desktop Wallet:
Apply for funding:

NFT Standards

Atomicassets - - Most popular & Recommended to use
Simpleassets -

Mainnet Details

Available public Mainnet APIs: List on Website | Json List
You also find History nodes, peering nodes, atomic API (NFT-api) and more.
Snapshots-Mainnet: waxsweden | eosnation

Testnet Details

Available public Testnet APIs: List on Website | Json List
You also find History nodes (Hyperion), peering nodes (p2p), atomic API (NFT-api) and more.
Testnet access & Faucet:
Snapshots-Testnet: waxsweden | eosnation

Different APIs

Developer Portals

EOSIO Developer Portal:
WAX Developer Portal:

Incorporating WAX to your website

Developer chats


wax developers:
Atomic Assets Dev:


Misc Links

Guides on running nodes

My guides and information

Ross Dold - eosphere - Working with WAX series

1 - Set Up - Testnet node:
2 - WAX Snapshots:
3 - Set Up - Testnet Block Producer:
4 - Set Up - Mainnet Node:
5 - Set Up - Reliable Load Balancer:
6 - Mitigate API Abuse:
7 - Set up - State History Node:
8 - WAX Files and Folders:
9 - Set up - Atomic API node:
10 - Optmize & Restore Atomic API node:
11 - Optmize Ram & Disk Utilization:
12 - Add custom permissions:
13 - Route API traffic:
14 - Websocket support on load balancer:
15.1 -  Hyperion Full History Node:
15.2 - Hyperion Software Components:
15.3 - Configure Hyperion Components:
15.4 - Run Hyperion Full History:
15.5 - Clustering Elasticsearch:

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