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Cold and Hot Wallets

Keeping your hard earned crypto on an exchange might be okay for smaller amounts or for a short while if you must but consider moving to a more secure method a.s.a.p. for ease of mind. It's the case of hot vs cold wallets, on one hand you have ease of use but susceptible to online attacks and on the other you have added security with just a few extra steps. Whatever you fancy, here's a handful of cold & hot wallets to get you started.

My Cloud Wallet (Formerly WAX Cloud Wallet) - Maybe the most popular way to interact with the WAX blockchain. The WAX cloud wallet offers multiple ways to log in whether it be by a username/password or their easy to use social logins from popular services like Gmail. 

Anchor - A popular choice right next to the the WAX cloud wallet. This wallet can be used on both desktop & mobile. 

Ledger - This hardware wallet supports up to 1,800+ coins. Ledger is an industry veteran and one of the pioneers of hardware wallets. Both the Nano S & Nano X offer EOS support.

Trezor - Another industry veteran when it comes to cold wallets. Aside from their hardware wallets they also offer a suite of features via their desktop/browser app. Their Trezor T model supports all coins that Trezor One offers plus more and now includes EOS.

Wombat - Here's a user friendly way to interact and manage several blockchains with ease. They allow for sending, receiving, buying, & storing via their desktop, iOS, & Android apps. Wombat also offers a rewards platform that allows you to earn Wombucks and cash them out for EOS or earn crypto directly.

Cleos/keosd - The native command line interface wallet for WAX. This is mainly used by developers and node operators. Very fast and efficient. Best way to install this is to use sw/eden's apt repo. - https://eosswedenorg.github.io/apt/wax

Opolo - A new contender to the hardware wallet scene. The Opolo team had a successful Kickstarter campaign that exceeded their initial goal more than 6 times. The Opolo hardware wallet is currently able to be pre-ordered with shipments going out January 2022. Take a look at their Kickstarter campaign here

EOS Paper Wallet - If all else fails then good old paper wallets might be the most reliable option. Paper wallets have been around since the beginning but can still be useful. Just make sure to never give out your private keys. Paper wallets can share their account name to recieve assets, but you will need to enter the private key somewhere (like the wallet options above) to transfer them later.

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