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The WAX Unity SDK

Unity SDK - By

Liquiid, one of the WAX Guilds has released a Unity SDK which greatly reduces the complexity of integrating web3 features for any new or existing unity game developer. With full Wallet, NFT, Tokens and API libraries.

It enables integration into any Antelope based blockchain, such as WAX, EOS, Ultra, Telos. It's been primarily developed for WAX, and has been funded by WAX Labs.  

It has support for the WAX Cloud wallet, Anchor Wallet and UAL, through UAL it can support all the normal wallets such as Wombat, Metamask, Aikon etc.

WebGL example:
Github repo:
SDK Documentation:

TLDR about Unity Game Engine

Unity is an easy to use Game Engine, where you code games entirely in C#.
Unity has a free version, but also a monthly subscription fee for the Pro version. Compared to Unreal which has a Royalty Fee on future game sales.

Unity also has a big asset store, where you can get a lot of ingame assets to speed up, and reduce cost of creating your game.

Examples of some Games built with Unity

You can check out the games and some trailers below.

Rust - FPS Survival 

Rust - On Steam

Cities Skyline - City Simulation

Cities Skyline - On Steam

Pokemon Go - AR 

Pokemon Go - Website

Heartstone - Tactical Card Game

Heartstone - Website

Escape From Tarkov - Tactical FPS

Escape From Tarkov - Website

Genshin Impact - Action RPG

Genshin Impact - Epic Games

Among Us - Social 

Among Us - On Steam

Fall Guys - Battle Royale 

Fall Guys - Website

Get started with Unity

There's a lot of online content on YouTube to learn more about Unity, as well as their own platform -

Unity Junior Programmer course - 12 weeks (4-5h/week)

Unity Mobile AR Development - 8 weeks (4-5h/week)

Unity Creative Core - 10 weeks (4-5h/week)

You can also check out these YouTube courses

Game Maker's Toolkit (45min)
The Unity Tutorial For Complete Beginners

Free Code Camp (7h 24min) 
Learn Unity - Beginner's Game Development Tutorial

Code Monkey (10h 49min)
Learn Unity Beginner/Intermediate 2023


Unity is a powerful Game Engine used for many fun games played all over the world across all platforms. This SDK is a great addition to WAX and the entire Antelope ecosystem, it enables Unity devs to easily incorporate any web3 features they might need through the use of cost-effective, environmental friendly, reliable and efficient blockchain infrastructure.

To learn more about WAX, check out my course on everything WAX


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