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WAX is a carbon neutral purpose built blockchain for NFTs. With some of the most populare DAPPS and NFT collections in the entire Blockchain space. Let's dig into how it works, and how to actually take part of it.

31 Lessons - Introduction

The Blog

This article is to be seen as a complement to the already published information available on and My candidate overview post.I

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So, the time has come, once again, to elect the next OIG representative. Now, the title says ruler, and in some way

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This is just a guide on how you can manage the AW syndicates without using a cloud wallet. You can do it

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The permission system of EOSIO based blockchains (e.g. WAX & EOS) are a bit different than your normal PrivateKey-PublicKey pair that you

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There are a lot of contracts on WAX that has some sort of claim action, or action that is repeated, that may

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