To buy NFTs on WAX, you will need to first create an account, which most easily is done on Then you need to get some WAXP into your account to use as currency for your purchases. If you are new to WAXP or new to crypto, there are full lessons for this earlier in this course. 

On WAX, you will find two different NFT standards, Atomicassets and Simpleassets. For you as a user, the major difference is where you can find these NFTs, and how they work in your account. Atomicassets will have the collection owner respoinsible to pay for the RAM to store the NFTs, while Simpleassets will have you as a User to pay for the RAM. There are benefits and drawbacks of both, but we won't dig into those in this course. All you need to know is that there exist 2 standards, and that they might behave a bit different, but overall, they are both NFT's. 

If you want to dig into how they work, I have added resources to do so at the  bottom of this page.

When you buy NFTs, you fully own them

This is the power of NFTs, you own what you buy. But it's not certain that you own the rights to the art and can do what you want with the design. However, you are free to trade, use and do as you please with your NFT. 

With great power comes great responsibility... If you get scammed, hacked or make a mistake, that is on you. It's the hars reality of Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, one of the most positive aspects is also a big risk if mismanaged.

There are phishing links being sent on social media platforms, Telegram, Discord etc. They will take you to a fake website, one that might look exactly like the one you usually use when you buy NFTs. It will be the same process, but in your transaction, when you "buy" an NFT on that fake phishing website, they also add an action that steals your NFTs and/or crypto holdings.

What they do is really trick you into sending your stuff to them. They are very creative and skilled when producing these fake scam websites, so it is very easy to fall for it if you are not careful. And if you accidently transfer away your stuff, even if you did not mean to... That's on you.

They still did something illegal, but having a legal process go through and figure out who did it, and how to get to them, this will be very difficult.

So please, be careful, stay on the known marketplaces and be VERY careful when you get links on Telegram or Discord.

One of the fake websites that has been used by scammers for is, at a quick glance, it looks VERY similar, but instead of the "i", they add an "L" in the domain.

When you indulge in NFTs, have fun, and be careful. 

In the next one, we'll go through some of the bigger and more used NFT marketplaces on WAX at the time of writing this. 

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