Summary of the WAX Introduction course

The WAX Blockchain is a fast and convenient way for you to create, trade and view NFTs. But not only that, because there are no fees for transactions, and near instant block time (0.5s), you have a perfect chain for blockchain gaming. This is why we see the increase of play to earn games on the WAX blockchain. 

There are constantly new tools added to the WAX ecosystem, so if you want me to add more to this course, please reach out to me on telegram or twitter, this is where I am usually responding the fastest. 

Twitter: @anyobservation
Telegram: @anyobservation
Youtube: @anyobservation
Instagram: @anyobservation

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  1. Anders, thanks SO much for setting up this course! It was very helpful reading deeper into parts of the WAX blockchain that I've never really paid attention to.

    1. Happy to hear Peter. There are many layers to break down to understand more of how it works. I hope to continue to add onto this course moving forward.

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