How to access the WAX testnet

The WAX testnet is a great way for you to learn how to change private keys on an account, manage anchor, create NFTs or upload smart contracts. There are public API's available, as well as faucets to create accounts and get tokens. You will also find a testnet version of atomichub, as well as bloks that you can use. 

This lesson is intended for developers and will mainly be a list of references that are very convenient for you to know about before going forward.

List of tools and resources

  1. Account Faucet
    1. Just add your 12 character account name at the end of the link below.
    3. Has to be exactly 12 characters, only a-z and 1-5 allowed. 
    4. You will find a form here:
  2. Token faucet
    1. Just add your created account at the end of the link below
    3. You will find a form here:
  3. Install WAX
    1. APT repo:
    2. Docker:
    3. Github:
  4. Find Peering nodes
  5. Find API nodes
  6. Testnet block explorers
    1. bloks -
    2. eos authority -
  7. Snapshots to quicker start a node
  8. Anchor wallet
    2. When you set up anchor for testnet, go into chain settings and activate testnet.
  9. Atomichub

If you have any questions when setting up anything on the testnet, feel free to join the testnet telegram group, or the WAX developer group.

Testnet Telegram group:
WAX Dev group:

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