Introduction to the WAX course

In this course you will learn the basics and fundamentals to understand and use the WAX Blockchain. It's perfect for you to refresh your knowledge and to minimize risk of malpractice that result in you losing access to your funds or not knowing what to do. This is aimed as a basic course, but to fully grasp everything you might need some basic knowledge in blockchain and IT. Hopefully I am able to break it down enough for you to understand the key aspects regardless of prior knowledge. 

In this course you will find information on

- Wallets
Software and hardware to safely store and manage your Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

- NFT marketplaces
Learn more about your options and where you can find NFTs.

- How to buy and sell NFTs
More details on the procedure to trade NFTs and how that works.

- How to buy WAXP token
Through exchanges with credit card or cryptocurrency.

- Block explorers
How to find your account history and blockchain data

- WAX Fee-less resource system
WAX transactions are free and easy to use, but it requires a stake.

- How to set up a hardware wallet
A hardware wallet is a convenient and secure way to protect your cryptocurrency and NFTs

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  1. Hello, I just wanted to notify you of a potential spelling error “WAX transactions are free and easy to use, but it require a stake.” I believe you meant to put “it requires a stake.”

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