Twitter Giveaway with WAX NFTs – Using Bountyblok airdrop tool

Doing giveaways of NFTs is a task that can bring a lot of headache. It's one effective method to help bring awareness of new projects, giving real users something back for that help. By this social engagement transfer you have the ability to grow your reach, however manually going through all these comments... that's a less fun task.

Twitter has an API where any developer can request recent data, this API is rather limited unless you pay big money. Which means that you may only get the data from the last 7 days. So any twitter giveaway, where you want help to get the information, has to be shorter than a week. 

The Twitter API limits your data to the last 7 days

If you are a developer, or have a nice team behind your NFT project, you may produce this tooling yourself, pull out all comments of a tweet, and then filter the comments to find the accounts, verify the accounts to the WAX Blockchain, and then distribute the NFTs. 

Or you can do all this, in a few seconds, through the Bountyblok tool.

If you do not already have access to the tool, you will need to request access and be manually approved by their team. This is their way of making sure you and your project are legit, and to reduce spam.

If you want more info on the bountyblok tool, check out the lesson on airdrop with bountyblok.

You now got access and want to send out NFTs!

1) First you need to choose how to load your accounts, pick the Twitter Comments
2) Here you can search by responses to a specific Tweet, OR by hashtag
3) Randomize the list, this helps to make sure everyone has equal chance of getting an NFT. The randomization is pushed on chain for proven fairness. - You may also save the snapshot of accounts for later
4) Control the List of accounts, my list had 326 WAX accounts from one giveaway.

Next step is to load the assets 

here you can load from the account you logged in, or add a list of Asset IDs, or mint new NFTs. Up to you.

If you are using the cloud wallet, I recommend using smaller batches, to reduce risk of getting ratelimited. If you want to avoid that fully, use your self managed account with the anchor wallet. - Tutorial on setting up achor wallet here

  1.  First step is to decide If you want to airdrop existing NFTs, or mint new ones, I wanted to Mint new ones.
  2. Choose the collection you want to mint the NFTs from, you will be required to use an authorized account for that collection for this to work.
  3. If you want, you can also Back the NFTs with WAXP tokens, these can later be retrieved from the NFTs by burning them. 
    1. Ofcourse, if you want to Back the NFTs with WAXP, you will need to have those WAXP in your account
  4. Choose your TX Batch size. 
    1. If you use the Cloud wallet, keep them a bit smaller, 10-25
    2. If you use a self-managed account, you can increase the size of each transaction, but you will need to have enough CPU and NET to cover the transaction.

After that, all left is to preview the batches and sign the transactions!

By hitting the "SEND NFTS" Button, a transaction window opens and you can review the transaction to make sure everything is correct. Once you sign it, there is no turning back. So make sure you mint or transfer the correct NFT(s).


Bountyblok NFT Drop tool is really the friend of any NFT creator on WAX. I've built my own scripts for getting this data, I also done it manually, and it's a lot of edge cases you need to handle. The Bountyblok team got a full database of all WAX accounts and can verify that they are correct very quickly. 

All of us that use these tools, let's throw some love and gratitude through social media. 

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