The NFT Marketplaces

On WAX you have multiple NFT marketplaces, the biggest one being atomichub, but there are a few others worth checking out. One strong feature of atomicassets is that multiple marketplaces can use the same NFT liquidity thanks to the open atomicmarket smart contract. So if you list an NFT on atomichub, you will also find it on nfthive, waxstash and neftyblocks. While some marketplaces only support atomicassets, and others simpleassets, there are those that support both like waxstash and nfthive. 

Atomicassets is the biggest NFT standard, and Simpleassets is the first NFT standard on WAX, still being utilized by games and projects.

The biggest NFT marketplaces on WAX, it's built by the same team that created the Atomicasset NFT standard. It's a marketplace that is user friendly, fast and easy to use. It has some sweet features such as creating your own NFT collection, creating claim links or NFT trade offers. -

NFThive is a NFT marketplace that support both Atomicassets and Simpleassets. It has a lot of powerful features such as listing NFTs in bulk, eding price of your NFTs in bulk as well as managing your sets. -

Neftyblocks is a NFT creators paradise, with tons of easy to use features for creating NFT sales, packs, blends and more. It's also a marketplace for you to browse NFTs both in primary sales and the secondary market. -

Waxstash is a NFT marketplace that support both Atomicassets and Aimpleassets. It has unique features such as pack breaks and escrow trades. The pack breaks allow you to buy slots of a pack, which is a way for you to be part of opening packs for a lower entry. It's a fun community feature to take part in. -

Simplemarket is the first NFT market on WAX, supporting the Simpleasset NFT standard. Here you can find some of the first collections launched on WAX, such as GPK OS1, Shatner, Prospectors, Crypto Twerpz and more. -

Which NFT marketplace is best?

The benefit of the Atomicmarket smart contract means all of the above markets will have the same atomicasset listings, while each marketplace has their unique features that you can check out. They have different usecase for different purposes, and the best one is really the one you enjoy using the most. Nfthive allow you to do bulk actions, Waxstash allow you to list for other tokens, Neftyblocks allow you to manage a collection and Atomichub is fast and easy to use. 

Overall, they are great at complement eachother for a overall great experience in the WAX NFT market.

There are also more marketplaces emerging, so keep your eyes open and have fun.


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