Introduction to resources

On WAX there is no gas fee for your transactions, they are free, however, depending on how much you use the blockchain, you might have to stake some WAXP for resources. This is to increase your daily quota and allow you to execute more actions. If you at a later stage want to get your WAXP back, you can unstake it and move on. 

This means that if you are an active user you will have to lock up (stake) some WAXP tokens for the duration of you being active on the WAX Blockchain. By staking WAXP you make sure that all the guilds producing blocks have physical resources on their hardware for your transactions. 

On WAX, you have 3 different resources to use the blockchain. CPU, NET and RAM. They are 2 different types of resources, where RAM is physical storage and CPU/NET are resources for actions.

The physical storage on hardware, represented by RAM is required for anything you need to add to a table on the blockchain. In some cases this is paid by the DAPP and game, otherwise you will have to add RAM to your account. This includes tokens, NFTs, smart contracts and NFT market listings to mention a few. 

The TLDR resource breakdown

In the next few lessons we will break down each resource more deeply for you to better understand how the WAX Blockchain works. But I will try to summarize it, which hopefully is enough for most:

RAM: Used for storage on the blockchain
CPU & NET: Used to pay for actions on the blockchain

Your CPU & NET are replenished 24 hours after your action took place. So if you send a transfer of WAXP at 13:37, your resources will be "spent" until 24 hours has passed, and you are then free to use them again after 13:37 the following day. There is such a timer on each and every action your account signs. 

RAM has to be bought, this can be done directly inside the wallet or on one of the block explorers (more on that later). Each time you buy or sell RAM, there is also a fee of 0.05%.

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