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Elect new ruler of WAX Governance

So, the time has come, once again, to elect the next OIG representative. Now, the title says ruler, and in some way it’s true, in others, it’s not. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is elected by token holders (Anyone with WAXP tokens can vote, it’s one big DAO). The work of the OIG is to review all the Guilds (Block Producers), and their value to the blockchain. So, by extension, they are the ones keeping all the Block Producers accountable to ensure they provide services for the WAX Token holders, and the users get value back for the inflation that exists to pay those teams. The system is designed so that each candidate is supposed to be a Neutral and individual voice, and they reach consensus together. 

The OIG team consists of 3 individual entities, usually people, who all rate the work and infrastructure of the Guilds, as well as working as a direct line of communication between community, guilds and the WAX team. Each OIG Representative rates the infrastructure of all Guilds every 3 weeks, and every 6 weeks, the guilds projects, community engagement, product and so forth. They also do an initial review of the WAX Labs proposals, and then work as a ball plank with the WAX team to discuss the proposals and the value they add.

You can learn more about the OIG and the process here: https://academy.anyo.io/course/wax-office-of-inspector-generals/

TLDR Election process

Each candidate is elected for 18 months, and a new election is held every 6 months to swap out one candidate. A candidate can re-run as many times as they want. Each candidate is paid for a full time position, and it should be treated as such. 

Voting is between January 16 and January 20, 2023. With the nominations the week before. Next Election is in June 2023. 

To vote, all you need to do is head over to oig.wax.io, login, and cast your vote (starting on January 16th). The vote weight is based on your staked WAXP tokens. 

This seasons candidates

To be fair, in the last elections, we have had limited participation. This one is different. The nominated (can self nominate) candidates are stacked, and there are multiple good options. Let’s break down who we can vote for.

You find interview with all candidates here: Interviews with OIG Candidates

Nick Kusters

Candidacy: nickkusters1

Fulltime Developer who built countless of tools and smart contracts for the community and as a consult for projects on the WAX Blockchain.

Nick is, and has been a highly active member of the WAX community ever since he joined 2 years ago. He has built countless small and big tools, as well as smart contracts for himself and others (Me included). 

I've personally encouraged him to run for the OIG previously, as I think he would be a great fit, where he could improve a lot of their tools, as well as provide a deep knowledge in what is needed for the community and developers. 

I might be biased, as I see him as a good friend of mine. But I objectively think he would be a great fit for the OIG office, and help steer the ship in the right direction.

Anders Eskildsen

Candidacy: danishcrypto

Active community member and part of multiple projects on WAX and other chains.

Anders, or Danish, as he is more known in the community, is running for the OIG to push for more transparency on every level of the WAX Blockchain. He is hosting community spaces on Twitter, and would like to expand those further.

His goal is to bring the developers and community together in a more united ecosystem. 

With his current, and past engagement, I am sure he would put in a lot of effort to make that a reality, which would be very valuable. Something I myself has been trying to do through articles, videos and courses since WAX Mainnet launched.

Keir Kleinknecht

Candidacy: onfqu.wam

Been a part of the WAX ecosystem since GPK OS1, and has been an active participant since.

Keir, or Bananaman has been an active community member ever since the First GPK launch on WAX, back before Atomichub even existed. To be fair, we didn't have much of any tools back then, which means Keir has really followed the development of the WAX ecosystem for a long time. 

He hopes to guide principles and incentives to help NFTs to take a strong position in the economy and world stage, and to fight all the rug pulls. To bring integrity and transparency to the chain.

His candidacy had limited information, so we don't know how he intends to do that. I will update this if he publishes more info.

Jannis Migdalas

Candidacy: rakeden.oig

Current elected OIG representative and a full stack developer.  Helped migrate and streamline the current OIG system.

Jannis has helped migrate the guild reporting into a more transparent system on github and is currently rebuilding the oig.wax.io website, which is much needed. 

When he got elected, he was rather new into the WAX Community, but since then he has helped communicate and optimize the rating system. 

Mike DiFranco

Candidacy: mikedcrypto5

Developer building tools for the community, project owners and artists.

Mike has been creating content, smart contracts, websites and tools to help with accessibility and onboarding for artists, projects and community members. In this process he learnt a lot about how the different tools and systems of the WAX ecosystem works, and what could be improved upon. 

From his work, he understands what developers as well as the community needs and wants. 

If Mike is elected, I believe he would be intune with what the community wants to see happen, and help steer the ship that way by communicating with the WAX team and the OIG ratings for guilds. Which would be nice.

There are more info to find about these candidates on the provided links, some provide more info than others. I have sent questions as a text based interview to each candidate, and will publish the responses as they come in. 

These questions is sent to each candidate, so we can easily compare their answers.

  1. What is the purpose of the OIG, and why is that important?

  2. Do you see any actionable ways to improve the WAX Governance?

  3. What do you see as the main job for WAX Guilds?

  4. Do you identify any challenges with creating a guideline for how to rate guilds that add value to the ecosystem in different ways, and if so, do you have any suggestions for improving that?

  5. Do you understand that if elected, being an elected representative for the OIG is close to a Full Time position, and in some weeks, more than that?

  6. Why should token holders vote for you, instead of another candidate?


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